This is our tallest sock most commonly referred to as knee-high. 

And yes. It is very tall. The top cuff actually meets were your knee starts. The cuff rests in that small area just below the knee and above the calf muscle.

Like the Crew Style FootHuggers, the Bootsock has a top cuff that is doubled and gently holds to your leg. FootHuggers socks do not use elastic. Instead FootHuggers use Spandex or Lycra. Both of these materials are very gentle and do not grip your legs as aggressively as elastic.

But do they stay up? Yes, FootHugger Bootsocks have been carefully designed to stay up without feeling tight. Our latest improvement has added two inches in height to our original design. This increased length helps ensure that the Bootsock actually reaches that small area above the calf were your leg is smaller. The Bootsock material is hand-cut to match the shape of your leg. Smaller at the very top. Bigger at the meaty part of your calf, and smaller by the ankle. FootHugger Bootsocks stay up because they are designed to match your shape!

As you may have guessed, FootHugger Bootsocks are designed to fit in boots. Any boot. Western boots have never felt so comfortable and now go on easier and come off easier. Your boots and feet feel great. Dress boots, Ski boots, Military boots, etc. FootHugger Bootsocks make all your boots more comfortable.

 Our products are made from Polartec® Power stretch , a blend of Polyester, Nylon and or Spandex.