Crew style socks are the most common style that people wear.
FootHugger Crew Socks extend approx. 6 inches above the ankle. (They are not mid-calf.) The top cuff is doubled and gently holds to your leg. FootHuggers socks do not use elastic. Instead FootHuggers use Spandex or Lycra. Both of these materials are very gentle on the feet and legs and do not grip your legs as aggressively as elastic. As a result, most people can wear FootHuggers Crew Socks with much improved comfort.
If you suffer from cold feet more often than you would like, FootHuggers Comfort Socks are the answer. FootHuggers wrap your foot in snugly comfort and warmth. FootHuggers look thick, but are actually quite thin and will fit in all your boots and shoes. Say goodbye to cold feet, wear FootHuggers Comfort Socks.
FootHuggers are a wicking sock that helps control moisture, promoting evaporation of perspiration, and helping to keeping your foot dry. FootHuggers also insulate your foot keeping you comfortably warm in the Winter. Can FootHuggers also keep you cool in the Summer? Yes they can!

Our products are made from Polartec® Power stretch, a blend of Polyester, Nylon and or Spandex.